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Are Video Games Art? Musings On The Fallout Series

Last week, the official trailer and release date for Fallout 76 were announced at E3. I watched Bethesda's conference some hours after mass, after a relaxing day mowing the lawn, reading books, and vegging at home. A smile came to my face as I saw Todd Howard walk onto a dimly lit stage. I was reminded of the time I spent as a twelve and thirteen year-old playing Fallout 3, the first Fallout game made by Bethesda. I explored post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. I was able to overcome catastrophes I knew I couldn't overcome in real life. I began to dream of some day growing up and overcoming great obstacles. I wanted to do something incredible, just like I did in video games.
I remembered when Fallout New Vegas came out. I was about 16, growing up in Texas, and I felt very distant from the culture. My grandfather and a few of my uncles were Vaquero's, but my father was a pretty geeky university professor and I preferred the stuffy attitude of academia over common folk culture.…

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