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A Binge Watch: Master Of None

I've been hesitant to watch Master Of None - mostly because I found the first few episodes either boring or so relatable it made me cringe, partially because I'm always told I look and act like Aziz Ansari and want to avoid any association with him. "I am an individual!" I tell myself, like an angsty middle child, while I check every box for generic undergraduate philosophy student and write my blog posts about the necessity of an Aristotelian approach to literature. The truth is, I not only look like Aziz Ansari, but I also share many interests with him and have a similar world view. I can't run away from it. But I tried, anyway! It's scary to watch content created by people I relate too. What ends up happening s I see what I don't like about them, and it brings to light what I don't like about myself.

Master Of None is the perfect show for that. It's is centered around a struggling young actor named Dev (played by Aziz Ansari). I say "strugg…

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