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I try and publish everything I write under the name Jose-Hector. It's important to me that my first and middle name be hyphenated into one, because both names have come to express integral parts of my identity.

The name Jose expresses my immediate background. I am Mexican. If my name doesn't give it away my dark skin will. I have the most stereotypical Mexican name. I want you to know that. I want you to know that it is a Mexican writing these articles in English. When I was eight years old, all the way up to when I was twelve, classrooms of kids and random bullies would gather around me chanting, "Speak English, this is America," just because I would get pronunciation or word choice wrong - or even because they overheard me speaking Spanish to my mother as she dropped me off. "That's fine," I told myself. "I'll speak English. And I'll speak English better than you."

Something else important about that name is the patronage of San Jose which has been bestowed to me. Maybe the name means nothing. What is a rose, after all. But it makes me feel as though I have an intimate connection to that great Saint who fathered Christ. His charism of artisanship has definitely shown a centrality in my life. His charism as a father and husband have come up as interests and strong callings.

Then there's my middle name, Hector. Firstly, Hector is a virtuous pagan in The Iliad with similar charisms to San Jose. Whether or not he lived up to those charisms is another question. The fact that his virtue is in question is part of the reason I wear his name proudly. Virtue is difficult. The Christian name doesn't make my pagan temptations go away (In Hector's case, the temptation to be as powerful as the Demigod, Achilles). The Christian name just gives the pagan name something to hope for.

Like the name Jose, the name Hector also has a cultural connotation. I may not be Greek but I am a Hellenist. I have adopted Western civilizations from the Conquistadors who brought it to Mexico. Like English, however, I intend to wear Western Civilization better than any white person. I do this firstly in my love of Greek writings, like those of Plato, Sappho, and Euripides. I also do this by following the Athenian and Roman model of taking the best from all cultures in a way that white people haven't been able to since the rise of eurocentrism and imperialism. I have integrated Mexican and Aztec ideas into my understanding beauty, divinity, and of the artistic world view. This especially includes concepts like La Raza Cosmica.

That name is the first thing to know about me. The rest, beauty, divinity, and the artistic world view are the primary subjects of this blog.


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